Bugfix 1.016

I pushed a new version of the prototype with a few bug fixes:

  • – Hitting start before generate in the world generation screen no longer crashes the game
  • – Water gets pre-generated for invisible chunks as well as visible ones now
  • – Dwarves no longer try to plan continually to blocks that have already been deselected
  • – If any goals exist that can be planned to, Dwarves will go to those ones rather than trying the same one over and over (may fix some “dwarf freezing” issues)
  • – Tried to make it less likely crahses would happen while selecting blocks
  • – The Task Manager limits the number of goals dwarves will plan to 10 at a time. This speeds up some parts of the AI, but makes dwarves behave suboptimally.

Re-download, uninstall using Add/Remove Programs, and re-install to play.

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