v17.09.04 and a new Release Trailer

Hi everybody, we’re very busy working on bug fixes, UX improvements and performance enhancements for DwarfCorp, ratcheting up for our official commercial release date of September 23rd, 2017 on itch.io and Steam.

New features have mostly been frozen as we work on getting them as polished as possible and bug-free. Most of the work going on right now is in logic and AI bugs that we’ve been ironing out, as well as balance and performance issues.

That said, we do have some new artwork to show. For one thing, Wilson meticulously pixeled all of the combinations of material/gem for Dwarven crafts!

You can download the new version of the game on our website, or if you are a backer through Steam or itch.io.

And of course, we made a release trailer for DwarfCorp which you can see here:

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