Version 17.10.01

We just uploaded Build 17.10.01 to Steam and In this build, we focused on fixing critical crash bugs and a few AI issues.

PSA: Your old save files will not work. It will be this way for a while, until the save system is stable enough.

Summary of changes:


* Localization forced to culture neutral. This fixes most of the saving/loading issues for users in Germany, Russia, Poland and others.

* Fix crashes happening for users with extremely high (> 4k) resolutions.

* Fix crash related to meals or unique meats causing crashes after load.

* Fix crash caused by zones getting destroyed after load.

* Fix crash caused by zone build orders getting built after load.

* Fix crash caused by incorrect serialization of build orders.

* Fix crash caused by empty/invalid save file.

* Fix crash caused by selecting dwarf while it dies.

* Fix crash caused by aborting build task while mouse is being dragged.

* Fix crash caused by dwarfs having no objects to look at while bored.

Control/UI glitches:
* Fix camera rotation issue in Linux

* Make zooming in on mouse configurable.

* Fix inactive tutorial window in economy screen.

* Clicking once now selects a single pixel like it should.

* Cancelling a trade resets the state of the trade window as it should.

* Pressing ESCAPE while building a structure correctly resets the build item state

* Crash report on load will not cause a hang anymore.

* Underground mushrooms correctly invisible before cave reveal.

* Merging zones is now not allowed. Will add it back later.with an icon.

* Fonts cleaned up, and some new, larger fonts added.


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