Happy Halloween! Version 17.10.31

We just uploaded version 17.10.31 to Steam. This version features a bunch of bug fixes and some new spooky content.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed crash caused by missing enemy sensor in serialized file.
  • Fixed OutOfMemoryException when loading/saving larger maps.
  • Fixed crash caused by typing cyrillic/greek/etc. into text boxes.
  • Fixed crash caused by pushing delete on an empty text box.
  • Fixed bug causing trade envoys not to show up after they’d only showed up once.
  • Fixed auto-farming.
  • Forced dwarves to move to unoccupied space before sitting in chairs rather than teleporting through walls.
  • Dwarves now prefer to mine from highest to lowest block.
  • Fixed major pathfinding bug that was causing dwarves to freeze and the game to slow down in longer games. Now, when dwarves can’t find a path, they randomly explore for a while before trying to plan again. Earlier, they would sit still forever and starve to death.
  • Fixed issue that caused trade envoy money to dwindle to $0
  • Made right clicking and dragging select all voxels in the bounding box rather than just the visible voxels.
  • Traders now tell the player why a trade was rejected and can be offended up to 3 times before leaving.
  • When the player has no dwarfs, it is now possible to trade. Ideally in the future we will make the player lose once all dwarves are dead for a certain amount of time.
  • Fix loading of bushes/cacti/wheat so they dont end up underground.
  • Ensure 10.31 saves compatible with 10.22 saves
  • Fix issues caused by streams not being correctly closed that was causing saving to fail after an autosave.
  • Fix drawing of water clip plane.
  • Improve texture filtering of faraway sprites.
  • Fix some issues with the money input field on the trade screen.
  • Snakes now drop meat and bones for all their segments.
  • Dwarves now stick to ladders while climbing them.
  • Fixed plath following issue which caused dwarves to end up inside walls sometimes.
  • Added an outer message box to warn the user when a crash has happened rather than just crashing without a message (should help diagnose “game won’t start” bugs)
  • The save location can now be configured in the options screen.


New features
  • New biome: haunted forest. Spawns wherever there are undead occupying forest or desert.
  • New plants: haunted tree and pumpkin.
  • New animal: necrosnake.

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