Version 17.11.19 and turkeys!

A turkey at twilight.

We just uploaded version 17.11.19 to Steam and We just had a few basic bug fixes to make, but also added a new animal: the turkey.


  • Fix saving/loading on Linux and Mac by reverting compressed overworld saves. (This had been inadvertently broken since 10/31)
  • Fix bugs related to dwarf wall and floor building caused by task pool.
  • Prevent native races from trading crafts using resources that do not have craft assets (this was sometimes causing crashes).
  • Fix infrequent edge-cases in item builder that were causing crashes.
  • Mouse no longer snaps to the center of the screen while rotating the camera.
  • No longer zoom toward mouse while camera rotation is active.
  • Prevent camera from getting stuck outside the world when player clicks on “trade envoy has arrived” notification.
  • Reassign some tasks that have been orphaned by dead dwarfs or other reasons.
  • Make game fail gracefully when textures aren’t available, showing a red error texture instead of simply crashing the game.
  • Mark items in inventories as being needed for building in inventory so dwarf doesn’t restock them when his backpack is full.

Misc. Changes

  • Increase dwarf backpack size from 32 to 64.
  • Spawn ice on the surface of the ocean/lakes in tundra biomes.
  • Add turkey and bird meat.
  • Somewhat better texture sampling in world generator preview.

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