We just pushed a new version of DwarfCorp to Steam and itch.io.  After taking a break for Thanksgiving, we decided to roll out a few new features which have been in testing. Bear with us because new features can often mean new undiscovered bugs!


  • Fixed a critical bug that was causing craft items to use the wrong resources. This was causing crashes and missing graphics in some of the previous builds.
  • Fix corner case when gathering that was causing dwarf backpacks to fill up without being restocked.
  • Made dwarfs throw all resources of one type at once into the stockpile rather than throwing one item at a time, which massively speeds up gathering.
  • Made cooking much faster.
  • Fixed two crashes related to loading.
  • The overworld is a much smaller save file now. Instead of a 20MB zip file, it is now a 300KB image. Saving/loading is faster. This will also make modding custom maps much easier, and fixed several OutOfMemoryExceptions caused by saving them.
  • On Linux, DwarfCorp now checks to see if SDL is already installed, and uses the system SDL if possible.


The new overworld system makes it easy to mod the worlds using tools like photoshop. Here I made Europe!

New features/balance

  • Trees emit far less wood now.
  • UI better at telling user when a world won’t load.
  • Sprites change tint when being gathered/attacked.
  • Added explicit “destroy object” tool.
  • Most buttons on the bottom of the screen are now labeled.
  • Dwarfs can now be allowed/disallowed certain tasks using a new task gui.
  • The default scale of the oveworld is now 2x larger. That means the colony takes up less space on the overword, so mountains, lakes, etc. are 2x larger.
  • Voxels/decals moved into configuration files which should make them easier to mod.
  • Grass now uses a decal system for fancy overhanging fringes.
  • Snow is now a decal instead of a voxel.
  • Snow now melts.

Grass decals make for more fluffy grass.

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