Patch to 17.12.02

We just pushed a patch to Steam and which fixes some of the issues encountered with our last build, 17.12.02. Here are a list of changes:


  • Fix some logical errors with decal placement and add decal placement to cheat menu.
  • Correctly set working directory of program. This was causing crashes on startup for about 20 players.
  • Fix beds floating in the air.
  • Fix file streams not being closed when saving binary data. This was causing crashes for a small number of users.
  • Fix crash caused by exiting game while an error message was being printed to the log.
  • Fix two rare crashes in crafting mode.
  • Fix rare crash in snow melting logic.
  • Cleanup more memory when a game is loaded.
  • Reduce memory usage of meshes.
  • Fix crash in part of the Ordu quest.
  • Fix Dwarves standing around starving while holding food. This was caused by logic that prevented dwarves from eating food that had been marked for restocking.
  • Fix dwarves putting some resources into graveyards, or using corpses from graveyards as food/crafting material.
  • Fix GUI issue with missing “Promote” button.
  • Add more error handling to SpriteBatch to prevent the “Purple Screen of Death” bug.
  • Ensure ores do not spawn in grass/dirt unless their type specifically allows that.
  • Mix some audio. 3D sounds are louder, some 2D sounds (especially trader speech) are quieter.

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  • Nice to see 2 of my bugreports being fixed 🙂 keep up the great work 😀

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