17.12.23 — The Jolly Forest

Hi everybody and happy holidays! We just pushed an update to Steam and itch.io with more bugfixes and new Christmas-themed assets.

The Jolly Forest

There is now a new biome called the Jolly Forest which springs up wherever elves are in control of regions with cold climates. The Jolly Forest features edible candy-cane trees that drop peppermints, dangerous Snow Golems and penguins.



  • Added penguin, snowman, candy-canes, peppermints and ice resources.
  • Player can now build ice walls/floors.
  • Synchronized voxel textures in the GUI (they’ve been inconsistent for a while).
  • Fix memory leak in Astar planning service.
  • Fix memory leak in kill-entity task assignment.
  • Reduce rate at which creatures check for threats to once per second.
  • Throttle Astar planning thread so that it doesn’t take up so much CPU.
  • Civilizations start with random love/hate of the player rather than all being neutral.
  • Add display to the world generator that shows the active civilizations and biomes in the selected region.

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